Tuition & Cancellation Policy

Individual One-on-One 30 mins

30-Minute Session

Each session lasts for 30 minutes, ideal for beginners or children who prefer shorter lessons and practice at home.

Price: $1000 for 4 sessions

Individual One-on-One 45 mins

Our most popular choice, suitable for learners of all levels.

Price: $1500 for 4 sessions

Individual One-on-One Sessions 60-Minutes

A full-hour class offering more training time, perfect for those seeking quick results, preparing for performances, or exams.

Price: $2000 for 4 sessions

Two to Three-Person Group Sessions (Self-Organized)

Study with friends in a small group setting.

Prices per person:

  • $1000 for 4 sessions (45 minutes each)
  • $1500 for 4 sessions (60 minutes each)

Tuition and Rescheduling Policy

Prepayment of next month’s tuition:

Students must schedule their classes for the next month before the end of the current month. Settle the tuition for all classes of the current month. Tuition fees can be paid in cash, online transfer (Payme/FPS), credit card, etc.

For the first month of enrollment, students may only pay the remaining week’s tuition for that month: For example, if there are only three weeks of classes in that month, only pay for three lessons.

Rescheduling or Cancellation:

Students can notify the teacher at least 24 hours before the start of the class and agree on another time for makeup. If the student fails to notify 24 hours in advance, the teacher may retain the paid fee.

Limit on the number of rescheduling:

Students can only reschedule classes once a month. If students need to reschedule classes again in the same month, they need to negotiate with the teacher. Classes on public holidays: Classes are held as usual on public holidays. If students have other arrangements on holidays, please confirm or notify the teacher 24 hours in advance for adjustments. Delay or rescheduling due to weather conditions: If classes need to be delayed or rescheduled due to weather conditions such as typhoons, heavy rain, etc., students and teachers can negotiate to delay or reschedule classes.

Free Trial Class

Not sure if it’s right for you? Welcome to book a free 20-minute trial class.

  • Classical Guitar / Music Theory / Composition / DJing are not applicable for the trial class plan. It is recommended to book a paid class. The trial class takes place in our classroom.