Hong Kong Guitar Lesson | Acoustic Guitar Lesson, Electric Guitar Lesson, Ukulele Lesson in Hong Kong
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Want to Learn Guitar?

We offer a free 20 mins trial session for every new student

Call me now at 8191 1028 for your free trial guitar lesson or assessment of your abilities

(Whatsapp: 94118057)

Acoustic Guitar Course

Steel strings guitar is used in a wide variety of musical style like blues, country, folk, jazz,  punk, reggae, rock, soul, and many forms of pop music.

The classical guitar (Nylon Strings) is often played as a solo instrument, playing with classical or flamenco music using finger style technique.

Electric Guitar Course

Electric Guitar is often playing in popular music group like Rock, Blues, Jazz or metal. There are two major roles: as rhythm guitar which play chords and riffs and as a lead guitar which performs the solo melodic lines

Ukulele Course

Ukulele, a beautiful instrument has been giving people  that warm and happy feeling for over many years and becoming more popular at recent years.
The best thing is,  you can take that feeling with you everywhere you go!