Hong Kong Guitar Lesson | Guitar Course
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About Me

My name is Will Chan.  I have two passions in my life – Music and Photography. And I have been teaching guitar and music over 15 years.

I am a blues guitarist that met pop music with rock elements. I am also a composer with classical music educated background, with certificated in music production and a few more different art courses.

About the class

I can teach :

  • Acoustic Guitar
  •  Electric Guitar
  •  Bass Guitar
  • Ukulele

Most of my students are adults and teenagers. But I am also experienced in teaching with children also.

I have prepared and written over 20 books for the class. Which is designed for different students with different music educated backgrounds or music styles.

No matter you are a beginner or experienced player, I could also inspire you.

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Class Length and Location

I have design 3 types of class:  20mins / 40mins / 60mins per class.

I usually suggest 20mins for children under 8 years old and 60mins for students who want to see their progress fast. But you can choose any type that fit your style.

However, the class have to be weekly continuously and at least 4 sessions for every booking.

My studio is located at North Point.  (Just besides MTR station)  I would consider teaching at student’s home but single trip of Urber fee would be added.  : )

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